Prisoners' Courses

Bible study courses that have been especially adapted for use by students in prison.  Some of the studies are also for those who are about to leave prison.

  • Born to Win

    Born to Win

    We don't have to feel like born losers.  We  can change and be born to win! 

    This course has been developed for prison work, using suitable concepts and language.
    68 pages.

  • Doing Time With Jesus

    Doing Time With Jesus

    This follow up course to Born to Win has been used extensively in to bring men and women in prison to Christ. 

    It deals with the many problems prisoners face in prison and how they can handle them with the Lord’s help.
    90 pages. 

  • Proverbs for Life

    Proverbs for Life

    As we live our lives in this complex world, we all need wisdom and guidance.   Where can we turn?   In the Bible, we can turn to the book of Proverbs.   

    This Emmaus study of Proverbs was written for prisoners.   In each of the chapters there are real life illustrations of the principles taught in Proverbs. 
    80 pages.

  • Walkin' the Walk

    Walkin' the Walk

    A practical guide for Christians in prison.

    Based solidly on Scripture, and written out of personal experience behind prison walls.
    80 pages.