Practical Christianity

Improve your skills in communicating the Gospel effectively, in preaching and in teaching. 
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  • God's Blueprint for Your Marriage

    God's Blueprint For Your Marriage

    Highly recommended for those who are married or are planning to marry.  

    This course brings fresh insight into biblical foundations for marriage, the roles of family members, spiritual climate in the home and more.
    107  pages.

  • Managing Anger God's Way

    Managing Anger God's Way

    Anger is a God-given emotion, not a behaviour.  

    In this study course, we will learn from Scripture about God’s holy anger. Then we’ll begin the difficult task of aligning our selfish anger and unrighteous behaviour with God’s righteousness. If you mismanage anger, this course will guide you into better self-control.
    99 pages.

  • Plant My Feet on Higher Ground

    Plant My Feet On Higher Ground

    The vital doctrine of sanctification, the meaning of the cross, the resurrection & the Holy Spirit in daily living. 

    Know the truth, and the truth will make you free!
    126 pages.

  • The Woman Who Pleases God

    The Woman Who Pleases God

    A positive study discussing women in  the home, the church and the mission field.  

    Bible-based and practical.
    128 pages.

  • Women of the Old Testament

    Women of the Old Testament

    The Bible speaks strongly through its characters, including the  lives of Old Testament women.  

    They are studied in the context of the emergence and development of the nation of Israel.
    100 pages.

  • Women Who Met the Master

    Women Who Met the Master

    A study of Mary the Mother of Jesus, Mary of Bethany and Mary Magdalene.  

    How God can use us for His glory.
    41 pages.

  • None Dare Say No

    None Dare Say No

    An intensive course on missions, with teaching on the need to serve and the call of God. 

    Methods of financial support, culture and contemporary context and many other aspects of missionary service.
    90 pages, large format.