Old Testament

To grow in the knowledge of God and effectiveness in service, we must study all of the books of the Bible including the Old Testament books.

  • Genesis


    Start of the Race teaches us about God, time and the universe, the beginning of the world, sin, forgiveness and the Jewish people.   

    To understand the Bible you must understand Genesis - it’s “the book of beginnings.”
    128 pages.

  • Exodus and Leviticus

    Exodus, Leviticus

    The Way Out and the Way In 

    God led His people out of Egypt where they were slaves, and then provided a way into His holy presence. 

    Lessons on deliverance from sin and coming close to God.
    128 pages.

  • Numbers and Deuteronomy

    Numbers, Deuteronomy

    Desert Journey 

    The journeys of Israel - 39 important years in the history of man.  Very practical for us today.
    151 pages.

  • Joshua, Judges and Ruth

    Joshua, Judges, Ruth

    Winning and Losing 

    Overcoming the difficulties of following God. 

    In Joshua, Israel was winning battles most of the time; in Judges they were losing and in Ruth there was spiritual victory.
    128 pages.

  • Ruth


    The Bride of Christ 

    These studies in the Book of Ruth show the Holy Spirit's work in preparing the Church for the return of the Lord.
    43 pages.

  • 1 and 2 Samuel

    1 and 2 Samuel

    King David 

    Here you study three key Bible men: Samuel, Saul and David. David  also gives us a picture of the Lord Jesus - at first rejected, but then ruling.
    128 pages.

  • Kings to Esther

    Kings to Esther

    Kingdom Divided 

    Kings, Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther explain the reasons for the failure and collapse of Israel at that stage of its history.   

    God loves the sinner but  hates sin.
    176 pages.

  • Ezra and Nehemiah

    Ezra & Nehemiah

    Are books filled with people.  There are kings, prophets, priests, tradesmen, parents and children.  

    We meet them at a significant time in the history of Israel. 
    76 pages.

  • Psalms


    Songs of Israel 

    The Psalms teach us to pray, sing, and draw near to God.  They speak the language of the soul.   

    This study considers all 150 Psalms.
    176 pages.

  • Messianic Psalms

    The Messianic Psalms

    Some of the Psalms are quoted by the New Testament writers in such a way that it is obvious that they speak especially about Christ. 

    In this study you will look at fourteen prophetic Psalms that tell us about the  Lord Jesus.
    100 pages. 

  • Proverbs for Life

    Proverbs for Life

    As we live our lives in this complex world, we all need wisdom and guidance.   Where can we turn?   In the Bible, we can turn to the book of Proverbs.   

    This study of Proverbs was originally written for prisoners.   In each of the chapters there are real life illustrations of the principles taught in Proverbs.
    80 pages.

  • Song of Solomon, Ecclesiastes

    Song of Solomon, Ecclesiastes

    The Lover and the Preacher 

    Heart-searching aspects of our relationship with Christ as His Bride.   

    Also the wisdom of the preacher.  
    78 pages.

  • Daniel


    The life and prophecies of Daniel. 

    Prophetic pictures of the great world powers and Israel's future with practical lessons for living. One of the most fascinating books of the Bible.
    120 pages. 

  • Minor Prophets

    The Minor Prophets

    An in-depth study of the last twelve books of the Old Testament containing significant messages for yesterday and today. 

    You will find practical applications for your own life. Well illustrated.  Suitable for the serious student.
    156 pages.