New Testament

Continuing the wonderful story of Jesus the Messiah and the gospel of salvation.  
Also God’s plan for the church - both now and in the future.

  • Matthew


    Presents Christ as the King and Messiah, fulfilling many Old Testament prophecies.  

    This gospel is full of the Lord's teaching.
    180 pages.

  • Mark


    Is full of action and moves from one interesting story to another taken from the life of Christ - God's Perfect Servant.

    170 pages.

  • Servant of God

    Servant of God

    Studies in the Gospel of Mark. 

    Jesus is the Servant-King who conquers disease and death and then gave His life for us.

    35 pages.

  • Luke


    Presents the kindness of the Saviour reaching out to people through His actions and parables. 

    The life of the Perfect Man. 
    230 pages.

  • John


    Demonstrates by the miracles and teaching of Jesus that he is the Son of God. 

    This gospel is written so that we may believe in the Lord Jesus and have life in His name.
    185 pages.

  • Acts


    Be amazed by the history of the early church and the dynamic witness of the first century Christians as they lived and preached the Gospel. 

    120 pages.

  • Romans

    Romans Part 1 Chapters 1-8

    Answers the question: "What is the Gospel?" and explains grace, faith & justification with practical consequences. 

    87 pages.

  • Romans

    Romans Part 2 Chapters 9-16

    Answers the question: "What is the Gospel?" and explains grace, faith & justification with practical consequences. 

    87 pages.

  • 1 Corinthians

    1 Corinthians

    Deals with local church life and problems, and gives teaching on the Lord's Supper, the resurrection, etc. 

    160 pages.

  • 2 Corinthians

    2 Corinthians

    A description of Paul's ministry, his concern for Christians, and some of the difficulties he faced. 

    155 pages.

  • Galatians


    Shows that both justification and sanctification come not by law- keeping or works, but through the Spirit. 

    100 pages.

  • Ephesians


    Sets out the wonderful position a believer in Christ enjoys and the godly life he should live.

    73  pages.

  • Philippians, Colossians, Philemon

    Philippians, Colossians, Philemon

    Three of Paul's prison epistles that are excellent in their basic teaching about Christ and living for Him. 

    186 pages. 

  • Thessalonians


    Shows Paul's missionary care of his converts and explains the Second Coming of Christ.

    150 pages.

  • Timothy and Titus

    Timothy and Titus

    About the shepherd care of individuals and local churches, with key topics such as faith, sound doctrine and godliness. 

    174 pages.

  • Hebrews


    An in-depth study of the superiority of the Lord Jesus Christ -  His full deity, His true humanity and the complete sufficiency of His work on the cross.
    190 pages.

  • James


    Is a realist who argues that faith does not exist unless it works out in practice. 

    113 pages. 

  • 1 Peter

    1 Peter

    Contains relevant and needed teaching and encouragement for Christians today.  

    Full of practical wisdom to strengthen faith and witness.
    75 pages.

  • 2 Peter and Jude

    2 Peter and Jude

    Peter warns of false teachers in the church and reminds us of the basic truths of our faith.   

    Jude brings the teaching of the Bible on apostasy or falling away from the truth to a climax.  
    64 pages.

  • Letters of John

    The Letters of John

    Clear teaching about the responsibilities and privileges of being in the family of God. 

    40 pages. 

  • Revelation


    A clear insight into the sequence of future events and how God's plans will all work out.  

    A fascinating prophetic study.
    64 pages.