Donation Options

If you pay tax in New Zealand, your donations over $5 qualify for a 33% tax credit as Emmaus Correspondence School is a Registered Charity in New Zealand.

If you're donating by direct credit or automatic payment, please contact us and let us know your address so we can send you a receipt to claim the tax credit.

1.  I would like to donate by DIRECT CREDIT or AUTOMATIC PAYMENT

Make the payment(s) to:
Bank:  BNZ Taupo
Account name:  Emmaus Bible School
Account number:  02-0428-0290205-00

If you do not live in New Zealand, you can use the SWIFT code BKNZNZ22 to wire your donation.  You will not qualify for a tax credit.

2.  I would like to make a one-off donation by CREDIT CARD

                  DONATE BY CREDIT CARD

You can use either PayPal or just your credit card.

3.   I would like to donate by CHEQUE (New Zealand bank cheques only)

Please make cheque payable to Emmaus Correspondence School and post directly to:
PO Box 56018, Tawa
Wellington 5249