Christianity Explained

These studies are suitable are for non-Christians, new Christians, home discussion groups, women's coffee hours & other outreach activities. 

For younger teens we recommend The Greatest Man Alive, One God One Way & Searching in the Bible.

  • Searching in the Bible

    Searching in the Bible

    An  excellent introduction to the gospel & Christian living.  

    Discover what the Bible says about itself, about God, Jesus Christ, the church and the best way for a Christian to live.  
    36 pages.

  • What the Bible Teaches

    What the Bible Teaches

    Our basic adult gospel course, world famous as an evangelistic study for serious seekers. 

    This course will help you understand the Bible.  You’ll discover what the God of the Bible is like, what separates men and women from God, the meaning of Christ’s death and resurrection and how you can have a personal relationship with God.

    60 pages.

  • Men who met the Master

    Men Who Met the Master

    This gospel course is a study of six men who had contact with the Lord Jesus in the events surrounding His death. 

    It asks the all-important question, "What is your response to Jesus Christ?"  
    30 pages.

  • One God, One Way

    One God, One Way

    A simple gospel course for ages 11 and up based mainly  on the Old Testament. 

    Answers the question, " How can we know the right way - the one true way to the one true God?"  
    32 pages.

  • The Greatest Man Alive

    The Greatest Man Alive

    The Greatest Man Alive is Jesus Christ -  this course will introduce you to Him.  

    You will find out who Jesus really is, what He has done, why He is "the greatest man alive" and how you can get to know Him personally.  A very clear explanation of the Christian gospel.  
    30 pages.

  • You Can Live Forever

    You Can Live Forever

    Answers questions such as: What is God like? Did He write the Bible? What is man's destiny? What about life after death? 

    Explains the Gospel by asking questions and helping  students to  find the answers.
    43 pages.