Children's Studies

For individual use, Sunday School Classes, Youth Camps and Rally Groups.
  • Golden Keys

    Golden Keys

    A simple introduction to basic subjects: the Bible, sin, salvation, heaven, prayer & other topics. 

    56 pages. 

  • Tell Me the Story of Jesus

    Tell Me the Story of Jesus

    This brief study will introduce you to Jesus. 

    It will help you understand who Jesus is and why He came to earth.
    28 pages.

  • Things Jesus Said and Did

    Things Jesus Said and Did

    Lessons from the Lord's parables and miracles. 

    56 pages.

  • Remember Thy Creator

    Remember Thy Creator

    Lessons from Genesis, the book of beginnings. 

    Understanding Genesis gives a good basis for understanding the rest of the Bible.
    32 pages.

  • The Bible Tells Me So

    The Bible Tells Me So

    Each lesson deals with a major gospel verse and asks questions about the verse.   

    You will be able to learn about the Bible, God, Jesus Christ, sin and how to be saved.
    50 pages.

  • Servant of God

    Servant of God

    Studies in the Gospel of Mark. 

    Jesus is the Servant-King who conquers disease and death and then gave His life for us.

    35 pages.

  • Begin with the Bible 2

    Begin with the Bible 2

    Well illustrated with puzzles and cartoons.

    Encourages children to read the Bible.
    33 pages.

  • Searching in the Bible

    Searching in the Bible

    An excellent basic course about the gospel & Christian living.  

    Discover what the Bible says about itself, about God, Jesus Christ, the church and the best way for a Christian to live.
    36 pages.

  • One God, One Way

    One God, One Way

    A simple gospel course for ages 11 and up based mainly  on the Old Testament. 

    How can we know the right way - the one true way to the one true God?
    32 pages.

  • Saviour of the World

    Saviour of the World

    Studies in the Gospel of Luke. 

    Luke was a doctor who gave us a detailed account of the life of the Lord Jesus.
    35 pages.