Bible Summaries

Bible summaries are a great help in gaining an overall picture of the books of the Bible and how they fit together.
  • Summary of the Bible

    Summary of the Bible

    Gives a clear summary of the contents and interrelationships of the 66 books of the Bible using charts. 

    The well-known stories of the Bible are shown in their proper settings with an explanation of their importance at that particular time.
    53 pages.

  • Old Testament Law and History

    Old Testament Law & History

    An overview of the first Bible books from Genesis to Esther. 

    The book of beginnings, the wilderness wanderings of Israel, their entrance into the land of Canaan and the period of the Judges and Kings.  The period after the captivity in Babylon is also covered.
    148 pages.

  • Old Testament Poetry and Prophecy

    Old Testament Poetry & Prophecy

    A study of the five books of poetry followed by a study of the books of prophecy. 

    The prophets called the Jews to repentance from sin and obedience to God’s law.  Each book of prophecy is discussed and placed in its proper historical setting.
    133 pages.

  • New Testament Survey

    New Testament Survey

    Starts with the background & a bird’s-eye view of the New Testament.  The survey then considers the writers and their writings.  

    There are many insights that will enable the student to appreciate these rich portions of God’s Word.
    164 pages.